POEA License No. POEA-081-LB-040218-R
POEA License No. POEA-081-LB-040218-R
The Recruitment Process

1. Outsourcing of candidates.

2. Manpower pooling and gathering of CVs.

3. Pre-screening of identified candidates.

4. Selection of qualified pre-screened candidates for position required.

5. Interview of selected candidates.

  • Personal interview will be conducted with the principal or company's official representative.
  • Trade interview will be administered for positions that require specific skills.

6. Issuance of Offer Letter to successful candidates.

7. Pre-employment medical exam.

8. Issuance of Employment Visa.

9. Documentation and processing of employment and travel documents.

10. Pre- Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) of candidates.

11. Deployment to jobsite.

Required Documents for Demand Letter/ Job Order From Clients

A copy of Company's business registration from country of origin.

Passport copy of the assigned signatory.

Special Power of Attorney (SPA) authorizing SAG to recruit workers on Company's behalf to be notarized in country of origin.

Manpower Request from Company addressed to SAG, specifying workers position/title, skills required, job description, compensation and contract duration.

Copy of Company's Employment Contract which will be the basis of hiring the workers stipulating terms of employment-compensation, provision for accommodation, transportation allowances, among others.

All documents must be duly verified by the Embassy or Consulate in the host country.